How is a VoIP phone different than a regular one?

The VoIP phone provides higher call quality, carries a lower monthly service cost, and includes options to add features traditional analog systems simply can’t.

Why do I want a ‘Cloud Based Phone System’?

You see this a lot throughout the industry, and for good reason. Your business would want a Cloud Based system because it uses a system of dedicated servers at data centers to get you access to features and redundancy without high risk costs.

Can we keep our current phone number?

Yes! You can keep your current phone number with zero cost to you. We will move it with your new service for free.

I have multiple locations. Will this still work for me?

Hosted Phone Systems are the best solution when you have a business with multiple locations. Our VoIP systems make it possible to manage all your work in one place. You also get the benefit of being able to transfer calls from one site to another, intercom back and forth, or redirect to a mobile representitive while they are in the field. Since your phones have access to the internet, you can make features work how you want no matter how many locations you have.

Will I have the freedom of working from home or wherever with this system?

As more team works from home, you need to make sure they can stay connected. Yes, our system lets you route calls to your mobile service provider (cell phone) so you can easily work at home. If your team works from home a lot but doesn’t want to use their cell phone, we can provide a desk phone for them. Just install it, and it uses their internet connection. It works as if they were right there in your office.

How many lines will I get with your basic plan?

Regardless of your plan, you get UNLIMITED rollover lines. This is the reason why VoIP technology lets you answer all the calls you can handle. NO BUSY SIGNALS EVER!

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